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Top Cricket Controversies of 2024: On and Off Field Dramas

From heartbreaks to celebration, innings victory to last ball victories, there were a lot of things that happened in the last 12 months. From the first Women’s Premier League to the ODI World Cup, the year saw it all. However, now that the year is coming to a close, let’s look at a top cricket controversies in 2024 that rocked the world this year.

1. Bairstow ‘stumped’ by Carey- 2024

The biggest cricket controversy of 2024,Would The Ashes be the tournament it is if not for controversies that it brings? Over the years, the tournament has reshaped England-Australia clash into one of the greatest rivalry in the sports and this edition was no different.

On the final day of the second Test, Jonny Bairstow was given out in bizarre circumstances.

Bairstow ducked under a bouncer from Cameron Green. Wicketkeeper Alex Carey immediately threw the ball at the stumps as the batter inadvertently wandered out of his crease and the third umpire signalled out.

Bairstow was unhappy as he was given out and exchanged words with the Aussies before walking off. Stuart Broad, Ben Stokes, and almost everyone else got involved at some or the other point. Broad even told Carey “You’ll forever be remembered for that.”

An exchange between an MCC member and Usman Khawaja also ensued resulting in suspension. Bairstow, however, buried the ghost by scoring 99* in the fourth Test.

2. Shakib Al Hasan Charges Aggressively Towards Umpire- 2024

Another cricket controversy hit when Shakib Al Hasan was involved in so many controversies this year that we might run out of time and words to talk about them. From throwing a cap at a fan to feuding with Tamim Iqbal. However, this was the biggest of them all.

During the match between Fortune Barishal and Khulna Tigers in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), Shakib lost his cool after the umpire didn’t signal a wide off fast bowler Rejaur Rahman Raja. Raja bowled a slower bouncer and Shakib felt that the ball had gone over his head.

However, the umpire thought otherwise and called it a legitimate delivery. Shakib charged aggressively towards the umpire, showed dissent and yelled at him. With the situation slipping out of hand, opposition keeper and Shakib’s national teammate Mushfiqur Rahim intervened before the proceedings resumed.

3. Deandra Dottin-Gujarat Giants Injury Mess -2024

This cricket controversy in 2024 was  about The inaugural season of the Women’s Premier League in India attracted several eyeballs. The success of the tournament can be judged by the buildup to the second season.

However, it was not all gloomy for the first season. Just before the season began, there was conflicting news that came out of the Gujarat Titans’ camp. It was claimed that Dottin, who was bought for ₹60 lacs at the player auction was still recovering from a medical situation and could not regain fitness. They named Kim Garth as the replacement.

Left surprised by the proceedings, Dottin refuted all claims and posted on her social media accounts, “I really appreciate all the messages but truth be told I’m recovering from nothing but the Holy Ghost anointing thank you #GodIsGood #GodIsInControl.” She also wrote, “Get well soon from what if I may ask?”

Later, a post on Gujarat’s website read, “Deandra is a world-class player and a wonderful signing for the franchise. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain a medical clearance before the defined deadline for this season, such clearances are a requirement of all players participating in the WPL.”

4. Virat Kohli-Naveen ul Haq Feud- 2024

 Tensions flew and the match heated up when Royal Challengers Bangalore met Lucknow Super Giants during IPL 2023. It started with Virat Kohli and Naveen-ul-Haq, but soon spread like a wildfire. 

Naveen was reportedly unhappy with Kohli’s suggestion of bowling bouncers to Naveen. Both players had a go at each other. Naveen’s batting partner Amit Mishra tried to calm Kohli but it didn’t work.

During the customary post-match handshakes, Naveen shook Kohli’s hand rather aggressively. When Lucknow captain KL Rahul tried to calm things down, Naveen walked away, refusing to talk to Kohli.

The worst was yet to come as LSG mentor Gautam Gambhir also got involved and had a serious spat with Kohli.

However, the Afghanistan pacer has revealed that the feud has ended and it was Kohli who took the initiative to bury the hatchet during the World Cup 2023.

5. ‘Captain Cool’ Loses His Cool- 2024

How often have you heard MS Dhoni being labelled as the ‘Captain Cool’? However, the normal man behind the legend overshadowed him during IPL 2023. The usually cool MS Dhoni lost his cool during the 1st qualifier. He argued with on-field umpires that led to a 4-minute delay in proceedings during Gujarat Titans’ chase.

Before the 16th over, Dhoni walked up to the square-leg umpire. The umpires were not ready to let Matheesha Pathirana bowl as the Sri Lankan fast bowler had not completed the stipulated time on the field after taking a break.

According to rules, if a player takes a break, he must complete the same amount of time on the field before bowling again. Pathirana had taken a 9-minute break after his first over.

It was seemingly a case of Dhoni telling the umpires that he would wait out the remaining time and once Pathirana becomes eligible for bowling, the game would resume, and that’s exactly what happened.

6. Mathews’ Timed-out Dismissal -2024

The sixth cricket controversy on our list is IPL to another sporting event held in the country – the World Cup. Angelo Mathews was given out without facing a single ball following an appeal by Bangladesh for a timed-out.

Following the dismissal of Sadeera Samarawickrama in the 24th over, Mathews took some time before walking out – with the wrong helmet. This schoolboy error paved the way for Shakib and Co. to appeal for timed-out.

As per the laws, the batter needs to be ready to face the ball within two minutes of a previous dismissal or retirement. Mathews tried to plead guilty by pointing at his helmet, but Shakib was unmoved.

Post match, Mathews tried to play the victim game for a long time but probably he forgot the incident when under him, Sri Lanka had ‘mankaded’ Jos Buttler in the deciding ODI of the 2014 series between England and Sri Lanka.

7. Nasum Ahmed ‘Deliberately’ Bowls Wide With Kohli on 97

Another cricket controversy that we are going to talk about happened during WC 2023,

Remember Suraj Randiv bowling a no-ball with Virender Sehwag batting on 99 and India needing 1 run to win? This was a slightly similar incident, which will be talked about for a long time. Few praised the umpire, calling the umpire ‘fair’ while few said the umpire should have done his job and called it a wide.

With India needing 2 runs to win and Virat Kohli batting on 97, Bangladesh spinner Nasum Ahmed bowled one way down the leg. Kohli, who had refused a few singles and farmed the strike as he looked to reach his century, chose not to play it, anticipating it to be labeled as a wide ball.

Contrary to Kohli’s expectations, the umpire refrained from calling it a wide and Kohli smashed the next ball for a six. The umpire had his reason that since Kohli shuffled, he was within his rights to not call it a wide. However, fans claimed that the umpire too was a ‘Kohli fan and wanted to see his century’.

8.  Cricket Controversy- Mushfiqur Dismissed for Handling Ball

 In what few might call as God’s way of balancing evil and good, Bangladesh, who were criticised for Angelo Mathews’ timed-out dismissal in the World Cup, were on the receiving end of it this time.

Mushfiqur Rahim was given out for handling the ball in a bizarre dismissal during the second Test of the series against New Zealand.

Batting on 35, Mushfiqur rode on top of a good length delivery to defend it. The ball bounced slightly more than he anticipated. In an attempt to prevent it from hitting the stumps, Mushfiqur, in a moment of urgency, handled the ball, even when it appeared that the ball had moved towards the off-side.

However, this was not it. There were reports in local newspapers, which alleged Mushfiqur ‘had fixed the match’, and this was just a result of that. Mushfiqur later sued the media houses.


There were a few more Cricket Controversies in 2024 like former Pakistani players accusing the ICC and BCCI of giving different bowls to Indian bowlers during the World Cup, and Australian players openly contradicting each other with their views on ‘the light show’ during an interval which happened throughout the year

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